SiG Solar GmbH - Preventive maintenance & care

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Preventive maintenance & care

SiG Solar Service creates customised and carefully tailored maintenance and repair packages to meet the diverse needs of solar power plants. To do so, the team makes full use of the extensive portfolio of services necessary for a comprehensive maintenance agreement from panel to inverter, including all the electronics. SiG Solar Service upgrades software or the entire system during calibration and organises all upcoming cleaning and service intervals.

Präventive Wartung & Pflege

SiG Solar Service performs extensive security services for your solar power plant, ranging from video surveillance, insurance and fence construction right through to monitoring and alerting to protect against theft and tampering.


You can also take advantage of the latest technical innovations. The SiG Solar Service team know their stuff and design individual, customised optimisation and upgrade packages for every sys-

tem. Our aim is to optimise and ensure the long-term performance and cost-efficiency of your solar power plant reliably and with as little effort as possible.

Our services


  • Scheduled maintenance and repair work
  • Spare parts management
  • Inspections of inverters, panels and all components
  • Grass cutting
  • Panel cleaning and removal of organic and inorganic deposits
  • Optimisation of system equipment
  • Security and protection