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PV Projects



With the SiG Solar Group on your side, you benefit from an experienced project partner. Be it a rooftop system, a ground-mounted PV project or a large-scale solar power plant: We provide comprehensive support in every phase of your project and flexibly adapt to the different requirements of our customers. Many years of expertise in the project planning and implementation of rooftop and ground-mounted projects all over the world makes SiG Solar a reliable partner for secure investments.

PV Projekte

For Investors


SiG Solar offers specialist expertise, personal support and enthusiasm for your forthcoming project. This makes solar power a reliable, secure and profitable investment. The cooperation with the O&M specialist SiG Solar Service GmbH ensures that the system operates smoothly after the project has been implemented.

For commerce & industry


Generating energy from solar power is a long-term additional source of income for commercial plant operators. Using idle rooftop spaces and other spaces on the company premises not only has a positive financial impact, it also contributes to a positive corporate image.



Lenders require one thing above all else in order to facilitate financing of investments in renewable energies: security. As a technical consultant, SiG Solar provides a broad portfolio for the creation of a reliable basis for secure financing: feasibility studies, site examinations, profitability calculations, technical due diligence reports and ongoing quality assurance.



Are you planning a PV project? We're here for you.

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