SiG Solar GmbH - Financing

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SiG Solar customers not only benefit from high-quality products and our employees’ expertise; they can also take advantage of attractive financing options for PV instal-

lations, LED concepts and energy-efficient combined projects. Get in touch with us!


As well as cooperating with well-known international banks to provide customers with suitable financing options for projects, we also offer interesting leasing models in the LED sector. Making the switch to the lighting of the future is an investment that pays for itself in no time at all – even in a leasing model. The leasing rate, together with the current cost of electricity, is often less than the electricity costs alone for the old lighting system.



  • Customised financing solutions
  • Leasing models
  • Advice on state subsidies
  • Project and profitability analysis
  • Preparation of detailed, bankable documents
  • Reviewing and structuring of bankable projects
  • If required, SiG Solar acts as supportive partner during financial negotiations